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AUDIPEC - AUDITORIA E PERÍCIA CONTÁBIL S/S. has been operating in the market of external auditing and fiscal consulting since June 1972, mainly serving companies in the financial sector, civil construction, industries, learning institutions, foundations and corporate associations of medium and large sizes.

The company TRAINSindependent auditors in view of the program of continual professional education implemented by the CFC – Federal Council of Accounting and required by Banco Central do Brasil for auditors operating in the National Financial System.

The partners are authors of books and manuals in addition to participating in training and internal seminars with respect to internal operational and financial mathematics auditing, accounting dynamics and sector account plans.

Offering quality service, it has been providing great cost reduction to its clients not only through the fulfillment of internal and external standards but also through differentiated services, such as:

  • Monthly accompaniment of execution of financial statements, to anticipate problems and propose solutions;
  • Study and improvement of internal controls for client companies;
  • Permanent assessment on accounting and fiscal legislation, including timely sending of circulars on the principal modifications occurring in them and their implementation.
  • Internal Auditing (outsourcing), aiming at lower costs while maintaining elevated standard of efficiency and quality.